March 30, 2014

A post about my first

It's no secret- Jones is a handfull. Fromthe moment he wakes up until he goes to bed, he operates at 110%. 

I focus a lot on the "challenge" that he is. Because, well, he is. His teachers know it. I know it. Trey knows it. Our family knows it. He requires a lot. There is no downtime with him. No calm, just storm. 

But he's smart. So smart. And sweet. And he's mine. And I'm feeling emotional that he will be four in just a couple of weeks.  

For whatever reason God thinks that, with His help, I am equipped to be his mother. I doubt myself almost daily, but somehow I'm always brought back to this fact - he is a gift. A precious, priceless gift. I know this to be true all the time, but if I'm honest, I forget sometimes.  He's a handful. Yes! But, everyday he's getting older and everyday is a day closer that he will not want me to read him just one more book and he will stop saying "lay by me for just a minute" as a stalling tactic before bed. He will have friends that he will want to be with more than me. He will go to school. He will need me less and less. A girl will break his heart, and he will break a heart. He keeps growing and growing and one day I'm afraid I'll look back and regret the times I cried out of frustration with him or wished he could just be still for two seconds and not hit, yell, or run everywhere for just a day. 

I'm scared he's growing up right before me while I'm wishing away his childhood. 

So I'm going to try to stop getting angry and easily frustrated and feeling defeated at the end of everyday. He's a challenge, but he's a joy. And I want to choose to focus more on the joy. 

So I won't forget some of those funny and simple joys: 

1) I was in the laundry room recently and he walked up to me and asked why I didn't have a tinkler. (note to self- close my bathroom door) 
I responded that God made boys and girls differently, thinking that would satisfy him. He looked at me like I was an idiot then said "so Anna Joy's fell off too?". 

2) tonight I was laying in bed with him and he looked at me, touched my face and said "you're eyes are beautiful". 

3) he walked up to Anna Joy, gave her a hug, and said "I love her so much. She's my best friend ever." 

4) even if it's rainy and cold, he says almost everyday: "it's a beautiful day, isn't it?" Gotta love the optimism. 

March 18, 2014

That time I took bikini wax strips to MOPS

I just don't even know. 

Let me back up... 

I love staying home with my children, but y'all, let's face it, there are moments when I think to myself if I don't see an adult in the next five minutes, I might lose it. And I don't mean the people that check out my groceries. I mean real, meaningful, human adult interaction that goes beyond polite greetings.  

Other than the gym and church, my adult social interactions have been, well, lacking.  

Also? Somedays I swear I'm in Groundhog Day.  Eat, clean, laundry, clean, play,  eat, naptime. Play.  eat. Bath. Play. Bedtime. Clean. Sleep. Repeat. 

Love it, but dear goodness. 

I can see I'm getting winded. Let's cut to the bikini waxing strips. 

Several weeks ago I was invited to a MOPS group. Women in the same stage of life, plus free food and coffee? Where do I sign up. 

I went to my first meeting a couple of weeks ago. 

Let's stop for a minute and face the facts: I'm a minister's wife. A Jesus loving, wine-drinking ministers wife. I don't sing, sew, bake or cook much. And I love The Bachelor. 

I'm the opposite of my childhood ministers wife who sang solos at church and the strongest thing she drank was coffee. 

This has little to do with the story except to say that between my wine and bikini wax strips, I might be setting the stage for a minister's wife reputation fail. 

Anyway, the MOPS girls were really sweet. From all over the area, yet we meet at our church so I get to bug Trey afterwards. Score one for me. 

We discussed how to lower our monthly grocery bill as well as new, easy on the pocket family recipes. 

Maybe not my normal thing, but whatever. There were adults! And conversations! And coffee! 

Let's fast forward to tomorrow's meeting. I got an email announcing that it is MOPS  favorite things week. We are each to bring two of our favorite products, be it a cosmetic, food, etc... to give away. 

Then, in a somewhat Secret Santa fashion, we are to go up one by one and pick what we want to take home. Then, and only then, the person who brought that item stands up to tell the crowd about their favorite thing. 

It's kinda like Oprahs favorite things. Except instead of all getting new cars, we will take home a new kitchen utensil. Or something. 

Well, since for obvious reasons I don't have a favorite kitchen utensil, nor do I have the budget to buy and giveaway Bobbi Brown makeup, I went to my go-to drugstore find: Veet Waxing Strips.  

Dark hair girls gotta do what dark hair girls gotta do: wax her upper lip. 

This is a great product for in between salon touch-ups OR (in my case) a budget-savy way to be hair free. $7 for 20 waxings. No brainer. I must share with MOPS! The girls that raise chickens for eggs, make from scratch breakfasts for their families each morning and homeschool all six of their children.  They are, seemingly, perfect wives and mothers.  

They need to know. Am I right? I am right. 

Well, all was fine and I was confident in my favorite thing until I was in the kitchen moments ago making my mini-muffins for tomorrow's meeting when I glance over at my buy.  

Veet Bikini Wax strips. 

So now my options are: 
- not go. 
- Go, and pretend I forgot my items. 
- Wake up super early and exchange them at WalMart (death).  
- Or go and promote bikini waxes to a group of women I hardly know in the same church where my husband ministers. 

I think the choice is obvious. Go. Take the Veet. 

This is hilarious. And this is also why I don't have friends. 

November 29, 2013

Little Indian

A few iPhone pictures from Jones' school program last week. I'll post from my camera soon! 

He practiced his songs for weeks - he is still singing them! 

Love this sweet Indian and love his school so much. I love his awesome teachers, sweet friends and great memories. I struggled with sending him at all when I started staying home, but I know we made the best decision for everyone by keeping him in preschool half a day. He loves going and is learning so much. 

Thankful, thankful! 

November 23, 2013

Miles and friends

I am training for my first 1/2 marathon with four hilarious, equally insane friends. 

Since we all live hours apart from each other, we can't run together.  We needed a way to keep each other accountable. 

Enter the brilliant idea of virtual training - in the form of post-run selfies sent to the group. 

Some are so golden that I briefly thought about breaking the friend-selfie-code-of-rules and leaking them on my blog, but that's much too risky with my selfies floating around. 

Some selfies have included wine (screw running!) and milkshakes (protein!) and each selfie makes me more excited about our girls trip/running debut. 

As I was running this morning, I thought about these hilarious friends and I thanked God for putting people in my life that are easy. They don't take life too seriously. They laugh at themselves. And make fun of each other. And keep me grounded. 

I am thankful for time with a different, non-training friend yesterday that was simple and real.  

I love no-fuss people. 

I'm thankful for such a wide group of friends from all points in my life. I just wish I could magically add more time to my day and fewer miles between our homes. 

Just a few random, post-run thoughts on friends, God love them. 

November 11, 2013

10 months

Anna Joy is ten months old as of November 8th.  Double digits! Seriously, I need a pause button.

She has her first cold, which is both pitiful and adorable.  She is extra cuddly.  But she is also fussy for the first time in her life.  She can't breath through her nose which bothers her to no end.

She still has two adorable bottom teeth and no teeth up top.  I introduced baby yogurt to her this month and she is a fan! Sleeps great most days, with her morning nap being her longest of the day.  Has figured out crawling this month! Although she only stays on her hands and knees for a few seconds, then it's back to stomach.  She pulled up for the first time on her 10 month birthday.  Bittersweet. I thought about pushing her down.  She is on the move and doesn't want to stay still too long, though she still loves the stroller and loves to swing.  Her favorite thing in the world is Jones, with her daddy a close second.  A daddy's girl for sure.  Bless his heart - he is mush for her. 

She remains the sweetest thing in our life.  I can hardly fathom that it's almost time to start planning her first birthday party.  I am desperate for her to stay my baby forever!

A few pictures of her, sick, on her 10 month birthday....snotty nose and puffy eyes in full force.

Love this sweet baby girl. 

November 10, 2013


I don't want to forget how much he loves puzzles. 

He looks so peaceful right at this moment working so hard on his Toy Story puzzle, in train conductor accessories compliments of a birthday party.  

He's so very wild, but he can be still. And sweet. And I don't want to forget. 

November 9, 2013

Mythical creatures

Well slap me silly and call me Ranger Rick. Woodchucks do exist. 

You know how I know this to be true? 

Because this mythical creature appeared at my back door yesterday. 

What the dirty word kind of joke is this? 

Trey had been out of the state for less than 24 hours and our home was being threatened by odd mythical creatures. 

After our mouse horror, I was convinced this was the mutant king rat coming to haunt me into a slow and unusual death. 

After some reasearch (Wikipedia) and a consultation of an expert (budget and finance guy at the university. Best I could do on a short notice) the conclusion was made that the creature was a woodchuck. 

I told my mom the only woodchuck I want in my life would be chilled and in my fridge. 

I don't think she got my jokes. 

We live smack dab in the middle of town. Can you imagine if we lived in the county? Or worse yet...a farm? 

There are few things I hate more in this life than critters. Critters and Walmart. 

Truth be told I only really like animals in a zoo. What with their homes behind fences and trained (albeit crazy) professionals tending to their feedings and poopings. 

I can't stop looking out my window in search for the darn thing. Might as well be a unicorn in my yard. 

Hurry home, Trey. This is not battle one should have to fight alone. 

Let's play I spy the woodchuck. 

My friends are comedians. Enter Amanda's texts to me. Caption- "our yard has woodchucks too". This coming from the same girl who sent me scary pictures of mice after our nightmare this summer. Thanks, Amanda, for always showing compassion and concern for my trials and tribulations. 

November 8, 2013

Dino Jones

Jones remains the funniest human I have ever known. He is so full of energy, but maybe (just maybe....) we are learning to channel some of that energy in a positive way? 

He might have accidentally kicked trey in the mouth and cause a tooth through the lip, but at least it wasn't on purpose, right? 

Anyway, lately he has been super into dinosaurs. His love for all animals remains,  but he has taken a special interest lately In the Dino. Someone gave him Dino Dan DVDs. I was skeptical, but he loves it. Watches it almost every night before bed. It's a Canadian show with real people and they sometimes use phrases we don't. Jones has picked up on some of these and uses them in everyday conversation. It cracks me up. 

Yesterday at breakfast he said "mom, we need to talk. Actually, I need to know. Where EXACTLY did you get this oatmeal from?"

Ha! He was satisfied with my Kroger answer. 

One night recently he asked me how big my....ummm....tinkler was. I simply said mama didn't have one and that wasn't a question we asked people. He responded: "why did you say that? I just simply don't understand".  (Another Dino Dan phrase!) 

I'll let Trey answer next time. 

Last night he was working on a puzzle (his favorite) and he suddenly stopped mid-puzzle and said "whew! I'm exhausted. I'm need to rest. Turn that lamp off. What a day!" 

Is he 3 going on 43? 

Trey is out of town for the third weekend in a row. Anna Joy has her first fever, so we are laying low. Thankfully Laura asked if she could come help! I talked her into a spend the night party. Three cheers for making a palet, eating popcorn and watching Christmas movies with Lala on a Friday night! I seriously thank God everyday for family thirty miles down the road. 

Big girl!

Look who just pulled to somewhat of a stance? She may not be crawling off her stomach yet, but this big girl is on the move! 

November 7, 2013

Testing the upgraded Blogger app on my new phone since my old phone died a slow and painful death.... 

Hooray for blog posts on the go!